What People are Saying

“Encourages us to continue boldly on our mission to reach as many blended families as possible with the message of the gospel, hope and redemption.”

“You are giving people the opportunity to know their lives and story matter, it felt like being dunked in the cleansing water of Love!”

“I now have a better understanding of blended families and can better counsel them and start a ministry with them.”

“We have been able to see immediate actions we can take to grow/improve what we have as well as long term growth.”

“It has profoundly affected me. The idea that I need to get in the trenches and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. That serving others is not always a pretty thing, but that there can be beauty from the ashes if we meet people where they are at and most importantly have Jesus at the center.”

“A profound statement from Ron, “Stepparents can be grief counselors to their step kids.” Had I known this 18 years ago, I would have been a better stepmom.” 

“Encouragement for me and my wife, that the time is sooner rather than later for this ministry.”

“Realized I have pride keeping me from fully embracing blended families. Increased my compassion and resolve to help hurting families.”