Friday Afternoon

A Redemptive Theology of Divorce & Remarriage

Dr. Rubel Shelly

Worship Center

This breakout offers a serious examination of the biblical texts that address the dissolution of marital covenants. How does forgiveness come? When is remarriage appropriate? How does spiritual life survive?


Preparing Couples with Children for Marriage

Drs Jeff and Judi Parziale

The Barn

Learn the keys to successful marriage preparation, including developing a realistic parenting/stepparenting plan, determining how well the kids are really doing, how to ‘blend’ two families into one, and the importance of connection and support.


Parenting Grieving Children: Learning to Connect with Loss

Diane Fromme


No matter how stepfamilies form, every member experiences loss. This breakout will help parents explore ways to connect at a heart level with a child’s grief and loss, especially the death of a parent. It will also address how stepparenting differs after death than divorce.

Healthy Marriage After Death or Divorce

Laura Petherbridge


It’s not uncommon for a blended family couple to struggle with grief, loss, fear, and anger. Uncovering and defining the hidden emotions generated by the death or divorce is often the key to freedom. Laura will share how to help couples: learn to trust again; emphasize wedding vows as the priority; avoid viewing a current spouse through the lens of the former; cope with the marital stress generated by a high conflict ex-spouse; assist a spouse when he/she gets stuck in the middle; and honor the memory of a deceased spouse without idolization.


One Heart, Two Homes: Co-parenting Strategies for Raising Children Between Households

Jay and Tammy Daughtry


In this breakout, Jay and Tammy will share a comprehensive ministry approach to co-parenting. They will explore strategies on how to increase communication and decrease conflict between co-parents, offer tips on managing the handoff, and discuss competing attachments and the needs of children in post-divorce living.


In Their Shoes: Understanding a Child’s Perspective of Stepparenting

Lauren Reitsema


The stepparent role is often met with resistance. Attitude, anger, and annoyance may spew from children who are coping with their new reality. The heart-ache resulting from this dynamic can test relationships at their core. This interactive breakout will provide perspective and tools for understanding this resistance from a stepchild who made her stepparents’ journey difficult.