Friday Morning

Healing Shame Stories

Allison Allen

Worship Center

Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ? John 4:29, ESV

By now, we understand all too well that shame twists us up and keeps us from the abundant life that Jesus has offer. Are there Biblical principles that we can extract and employ in our own lives, and in the lives we are tasked with serving, that will take the teeth out of shame? That will heal our shame stories? Come take a fresh look at the story of the Woman at the Well, and how Jesus heals her heart and soul from the ultimate spiritual monkey on her back — shame.


Ministry to Stepfamilies 101

Ron Deal, LMFT, LPC

The Barn

Those new to stepfamily ministry are encouraged to attend this 101 breakout. Traditional family ministries and marriage education programs do very little to equip stepcouples for healthy stepfamily living. Come learn what stepfamilies need, the fundamentals of stepfamily ministry, and how your church can help break the generational cycle of divorce.


One Heart, Two Homes: Co-parenting strategies for Raising Children Between Homes

Jay and Tammy Daughtry


In this breakout, Jay and Tammy will share a comprehensive ministry approach to co-parenting. They will explore strategies on how to increase communication and decrease conflict between co-parents, offer tips on managing the handoff, and discuss competing attachments and the needs of children in post-divorce living.


Marketing Your Ministry Through Social Media

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler


If you’re not leveraging social media to connect, engage and nurture your church community, you’re missing out on the opportunity to draw more couples closer to God and your ministry.  In this special training, you’ll learn the 4 C's of social media that have allowed the Tylers to grow an online marriage community with over 500,000 members! You’ll also learn best practices for where to post, how much to post and how to make sure you’re not wasting your time when you post. You’ll leave this session feeling empowered to reach more couples with real strategies that you can implement immediately.


Financing Togetherness:  Effective Planning for Blended Family Finances

David O. Edwards


Finances can be a source of tension in any marriage, but especially in a blended family.  This breakout will give you ideas to try, things to avoid, and pitfalls to watch out for related to day to day finances.  In addition, you will learn clear steps to help prepare couples for life after the death of a spouse, while balancing concerns for both a spouse and children.